What is a SlideSnap?

The fastest, most reliable way to turn mounted slides into high quality digital images. It's not your traditional slide scanner.

Fed up with tedious line by line scanning, we've spent the past 6 years developing and refining a product that allows you to capture everything instantaneously using none other than the instrument that created the slide originally: a camera. Makes sense, right?

The SlideSnap will automatically batch scan up to 140 slides at a go. All thanks to its Kodak projector heart. The SlideSnap Lite will scan 15 slides every minute and the SlideSnap Pro scans 30/minute.


Crystal Clear

Sharp, rich and accurate scans, fast. The SlideSnap Pro's unique optical lens alignment method eliminates planar foreshortening. Quick, or quality? You get both.

Set It And Forget It

Autonomous operation for up to 140 slides. Stops when finished or if a slide jams. Unlike other batch scanners, jams are rare, and remedied in under 10 seconds.

LED Backlit

LEDs are amazing. Low power consumption, consistent lighting, a 10,000 hour life expectancy and little to no heat output. Our custom backlight draws only 3 watts and won't warp your slides.

Built Tough

From the Pro's rigid, all metal, powder coated camera mount, to the Lite' machined aluminum scanning lens, the SlideSnaps are industrial at heart. We employ 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC fabrication techniques to create each unit by hand right here in Wisconsin.

No Strings Attached

Scanned images can be shot directly to your camera's onboard memory, freeing up your computer. On the Pro, if you prefer, you can shoot tethered into your computer for instant full screen review just like a traditional scanner.


The SlideSnap Pro was designed to be flexible, giving you the freedom to plug and play. It works with any DSLR that supports wired shutter release. It's the only scanner that allows you to upgrade its imaging unit as imaging tech improves.


We've worked closely with 100s of imaging professionals worldwide to fine tune the SlideSnap Pro. We understand that a great scan requires proper prep, process, and post.


Backed by a 12 month / 100k scan warranty, web support, phone assistance, software packages and workflow recommendations, you will hit the ground running and show no signs of stopping.

Built for Biz

We take great pride in empowering your business. Slide scanning as a service is an untapped market due to unnecessarily prohibitive pricing. Our solution enables even the smallest business to offer quality slide conversion at an affordable rate. Fast nickels are better than slow dimes!

For answers to your fresh, itching questions, visit our FAQ.

When put through the throughput...

What does it mean to be able to scan 30 slides a minute? It could mean the difference between scanning slides and printing money...

Sample captures

Take a look at how well the SlideSnap stacks up.


"The SlideSnap is a dream! Now that I've got the word out orders are rolling in! "

- Justin G.
"It's great. I'm certainly not going to complain about setting 80 slides up to scan and walking away. We literally have thousands of slides here right now, which was the reason for this investment - and we're so glad we got it!"

- Denise - VideoCreations.TV
"Love the Slidesnap Pro! It's made our process much more efficient. I am extremely pleased with the customer service provided with this unit as well!"

- David H

"They came out better than I’d hoped. I had tried various techniques myself, and none produced these results, to say nothing of being very slow and labor intensive."

- Henry G
"I scanned 700 slides today in about 2 hrs ( we had to transfer from some weird carriers) works great, very happy, Thanks! "

- Val - Gallery Photo
"I appreciate the updates, as well as continuing to find out better ways for Slidesnap owners to offer a better product. We have had our slidesnap for about one year and overall we are pleased with the value of the unit and the service from the owner."

- Clay N

"Thank you so much for developing and supporting a product that will make this monumental task of converting approximatly 60-70,000 slides easier. "

John T
"Things are going great. I've gotten several large orders lately and there is a ton of interest and lots of inquiries about my slide scanning services. "

- Patti - M Is For Memories