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SlideSnap Pro


Our flagship SlideSnap rapid slide scanner. Perfect for the medium to large production level slide scanning operation. Trusted by hundreds of photographers, universities and service providers worldwide.

Thanks to the Kodak carousel at the heart of every SlideSnap, batch scanning of up to 140 slides at a time is possible. Up to 30 slides per minute; 1,800 slides per hour; 14,400 slides in an 8 hour shift.

(Current lead : 1-2 weeks)


  • Crazy Fast : Up to 30 slides per minute (1,800 slides per hour).
  • Autonomous : batch operation for up to 140 slides.
  • Flexible : Capture up to Super 127 slide format
  • Precise : Discretely adjustable camera mount for perfect optical alignment.
  • LED backlit : Balanced even slide illumination with 10,000 hour life.
  • Future Proof : Universal DSLR compatibility
  • Robust : 100% solid state digital switching. Powder coated steel construction with stainless steel hardware.

Note: Does not include camera or lens unless specified below. Unit may not appear as pictured. Control panel no longer has knob. Current G2 control panel has 3 illuminated buttons (see 2nd picture)


See Description below for camera / lens purchasing information.

Additional Shutter Release Cable(s)

Choose the appropriate shutter release cable for your camera. (C1 and N3 are always included). Refer to this chart if you are unsure.

Lens Filter Thread

For camera alignment, we include a lens crosshair. It has a 55mm thread and includes a 52mm adapter (Supports Nikon 85mm/105mm and Tamron Di 90mm)). Choose the option that matches your camera.

Nikon Camera Bundle

Take out the guesswork and opt for a complete setup. Camera + Lens (Nikon 85mm Micro Nikkor) + AC Power Supply + 16GB SDHC Card. Note: May cause slight (up to 7 days) delay in fulfillment.

Full Frame Mod

If you intend to use a full frame body. We will over-bore the lens cavity on the projector to accommodate for the lens breaching the projector casing due to shorter working distances.

Warranty Coverage *

Choose from a standard, or extended warranty period. Warranty information. Note: Extended warranty does not cover camera / lens purchases.

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Choosing a camera

The SlideSnap Pro is a universal platform accepting the majority of modern DSLR cameras. We recommend a 12 megapixel or greater sensor (for 3000PPI > ). In order for the SlideSnap to communicate with your camera, it MUST have a hardwire shutter release port. 99% of DSLRs do, but if you are in doubt, google the name of your camera followed by “wired shutter release remote”. 

While we provide thorough instructions on setup and use of the SlideSnap, dimensions, menus and functionality can vary greatly from camera to camera. It is assumed that you have a working knowledge of your camera and photographic principles. It is your responsibility to confirm that your camera is compatible before committing to an order. Returns will not be accepted on the grounds of camera incompatibility. If you are unsure, simply contact us!

Full frame bodies have a larger sensor area causing the image to look somewhat backed out requiring a longer focal length lens or a closer shooting distance. If you want to use a full frame body, choose this option at checkout and we will modify the SlideSnap to allow your lens to breach the projector body for a closer working distance. If you don’t know wether or not your camera is full frame, it probably isn’t :-), but you can contact us to be sure.

When buying a DSLR, you need only buy the body since you won’t need the kit lens for the SlideSnap.

The Nikon D3400 does not support hardwire shutter release.

Choosing a Lens

A prime macro lens is required for use with the SlideSnap. It must be compatible with your camera ( i.e Nikon cameras only accept lenses with Nikon mounts ). Should have a FIXED focal length between 85mm and 105mm. Note, however that 100/105mm lenses will result in some vignetting on 127 slides. For autofocus, an AF compatible lens should be chosen. Vibration reduction is not necessary and will be disabled for scanning. 

Most major manufacturers offer a compatible lens for their camera line (Canon, Nikon Pentax etc.), but there are also competitively priced offerings from Tamron, Sigma and Tokina. Shop around. Consider for serious discounts if you are comfortable with pre-owned.

Other Requirements

Memory Card: You will need a memory card of suitable capacity for untethered scanning. A general rule of thumb is 100-200 images per Gigabyte (for standard 18 megapixel large JPGs). Choose a quality brand (SanDisk, Samsung, PNY, Lexar, Sony etc.).

Otherwise, if you would like to shoot tethered (with the camera connected to a computer which receives the images directly), you will need a computer and suitable USB cable. See our tethering applications support page (after purchase) for software recommendations.

AC Adapter: Your camera will come with a battery which will generally last around 500 captures before needing a charge. An excellent option is to purchase a constant AC adapter power supply. The SlideSnap offers an extra AC socket for this purpose. Power supplies range from $30 to $120 depending on the model and wether or not it is OEM or third party. Simply search for your camera model followed by “AC Adapter”

Note: The SlideSnap Pro is manufactured with the intention of rapidly and accurately capturing natural digital images of slides. There is no built in dust or scratch removal ( i.e ICE ), however we do bundle a software dust and scratch removal solution with the system. Poor quality images will result in poor quality scans.

Suggested add-ons for the SlideSnap Pro

Additional Information
Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 18 x 10 in
What's Included

SlideSnap Pro (Modified projector with LED backlight and digital control panel), Alignment Kit, Color / Resolution calibration target slide, 10x Magnifying Loupe, 1 Pair of large film handling gloves, Jam remedy wand, , Batch Titling kit with dry erase slides and marker, Shutter Release Cable (Camera model dependent), 80ct Slide Tray, A copy of both BatchCrop and SlideSnap Pro Auto Cropper


1 Year Limited Warranty


~80 Watts 120v 60hz, International trandformer available for additional charge.

Image Format

JPG or RAW (Tiff on some camera models)


Dependent on camera body (i.e: 3000 DPI @ 12MP, 3800 DPI @ 18MP and 5600 DPI @ 36mp)


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