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SlideSnap X1


The SlideSnap X1 is the latest generation SlideSnap professional rapid slide scanner; Bold little brother to the SlideSnap Pro.  It Employs a high optical resolution, large sensor Sony digital camera as it’s imager to autonomously capture up to 20 film slides per minute.

You get true to life digital copies of a variety of slide formats in a variety of mounts. See for yourself (25 unmodified captures )

It even accepts standard Kodak slide trays. (Or a loose stack of up to 40 slides with option Stack Loader)

Note: Does not include camera or lens by default. Available as turnkey option.
Availability : Shipping now. Delivers in 5 days or less.

Turnkey System

Fully assembled including camera and lens ( Sony A5100 or greater + Sigma 60mm Lens ). Ready to plug in and start scanning immediately.
(May add up to 7 days to ship date)

Include Carrying Case

Our custom, soft but strong carrying case will make transporting and storing your unit a breeze. See product page for more details

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Required Equipment

  1. Compatible Sony Digital Camera | A5000, A5100*, A6000, A6300, A6500 (A5100 preferred model, body only retails $350-500 @ Amazon )
  2. Sigma 60mm F2.8 EX DN for Sony SE (Retails ~$200-250 : @Amazon )


  • Optical Resolution : (With Sony A5100) 24MP [Effective 3900 PPI for 35mm slides]
  • Capture Rate : 3.5s Per Slide (Automatic feed)
  • Compatible Slide Formats:  135, 110, Half 135. With cropping: 126, 127, Super 135. (Slides up to 2”x2”x1/8”)
  • Compatible Carriers / Trays : Kodak 80ct, 140ct and Stack Loader (40ct) (Not compatible with linear trays or 100 capacity Sawyer trays)
  • Image Format: JPG or ARW (Sony Raw)
  • Camera Power: (Battery or Power supply included with Complete kit)
  • Storage: Capture directly to SD Card or transfer via USB 2.0 port with SnapTether
  • Image Focus: Automatic
  • Light source: 2W 5000k (Daylight Balanced) LED Module
  • Power Requirements : 110-125v 60hz 1A (International transformer available for use outside U.S)
  • Dimensions : 16x15x7 (w/o tray) 18x18x12 (Packed)
  • Weight : 17lb (Complete + Tray + Camera) 22lb (Packed)

What’s Included

(Camera + Lens Sold Separately)

  • SlideSnap X1 Projector Core
  • LED Backlight
  • G2 Control Panel
  • Scanning Lens Kit (For 60mm Sigma)
  • 80 Capacity Slide Tray
  • Accessory Kit (4k Resolution Target Slide, 5pc Dry Erase Titling Slides, 10x Slide Loupe, Magic Wand)
  • Dust Cover
  • SlideSnap Pro Auto Cropper Application (Windows / Mac)
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty and Support
  • +Camera Shield / Hood
  • +Sony Power Pack (with built in power supply)
  • +Sony USB SnapTether Cable
  • +BatchCrop Application License
Additional Information
Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 10 in