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From time to time we will post listings here for used SlideSnap equipment for sale by private parties.

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tim_rogers_ssp_resale_1Like-new SlideSnap Pro G4 with a Tamron 90mm Macro 2.8 SP DI VC lens for Canon cameras.
Price: $3445 OBO (Shipping included!)

This unit was only used for a few projects with specific requirements that this scanner met, and is in excellent condition.  Less than 5,000 slide captures were performed, and the scanner shipped new only 7 months ago.  All original accessories included.  Unit has always been covered when not in use.  Unit will be shipped in original shipping box.  It is a working unit, but is sold as-is and no returns.  Support can be found through this website.  The Tamron lens was ordered new 7 months ago, and is for Canon cameras only.  I also have over 25 Kodak carousels (mixture of 80 and 140) which make a great addition to the scanner.  I will make a deal on those too if interested.  Contact me at

Note: The Canon T4i camera pictured is NOT included.  You will need to add one of the recommended Canon cameras found on the manufacturer website to use the scanner.

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