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SlideSnap Lite


Current Lead: Out of stock, shipping estimated for early October.

The 2nd generation SlideSnap Lite Automatically scans 15 slides a minute. Sharp and accurate. LED backlit and Kodak carousel fed for automated batch operation. Perfect for the pro-sumer and small to medium scanning operation.

• Turnkey! Includes Canon G16 camera and custom scanning lens.
NEW! Now has slide detection sensor for full autonomy and faster scans (4s per vs 6s per on G1)
• NEW! Now includes a copy of the SlideSnap Pro Auto Cropper application and a copy of BatchCrop for automated border removal and well as dust and scratch removal!.
• 12.1 MP captures for ~3000DPI 35mm scans
• Scans 800 slides/hour for rapid turnaround
• LED backlight provides color consistency and a long lifespan
• Carousel fed for automated, reliable batch scanning
• 3″ LCD screen for accurate scan review
• Autofocuses each slide to guarantee sharpness
• Raw and JPEG capture for editing flexibility
• Small desktop footprint
• Saves scans to standard SD card. (16GB class 10 SDHC card included)

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Product Description

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Additional Information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 6 in
What's Included

Modified SlideSnap Lite Projector Core ( may not look as pictured), Brand New Camera (Canon G16), Camera AC Power Supply, Color resolution / calibration target slide, Batch Titling Slides and Dry Erase Marker, Magic De-Jamming Wand, Slide scanning quick-ref posters, Scanning Lens, LED Backlight, Automator, 1x 80ct Slide Tray, 1 License for BatchCrop Application, License for SlideSnap Pro Auto Cropper Application


12.1MP (4000×3000)

Image Format

JPG or Raw


120v 60hz (contact us for international version)


1 Year

Lead Time

6 to 10 Business Days

Capture Rate

4 seconds per slide (automatic advance)


A Digital Shoebox